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Hi   I think the name of the bakery was Queen City Pastry
Hello everyone,   I have a question.   Does anyone know where I can find these cake boxes online?   A co-worker of mine just returned from the US and was given a very large chocolate cake as a gift which he shared with the others in his department; however, it was the packaging that caught my eye.   It was a very sturdy box with custom printing (the logo and name of the bakery was on the lid), looks like a hat box, and when you remove the cover you unlock the tabs...
Hi,   Thanks for your input!   The Wilton colours have an "E" on them which I assume means "expiration".   Based on your comments, I may have to contact the National Standards Institute and find out what their recommendations are......may have something to do with the food labelling.   I'll keep you posted.     Stacey
Good morning CC'ers, In my quest to be more organised this year, I started going through my bin of gel paste colours and luster dusts and I realised that some had expiration dates and some do not. For example, the Wilton colours have expiration dates and the Americolor colours do not. Is it that the Americolor colours contain preservatives that make them last longer than the Wilton colours? If so, maybe I should consider throwing out all of my Wilton colours and stock...
Hello CC'ers   Does anyone know of any cake decorating magazines that are available in digital/pdf format?   I bought my first tablet a few days ago and would love to subscribe to some magazines in digital format....   Let me know   Thanks!       Stacey
Would it help if I tried to scrape off and salvage the ganache and then add some more melted chocolate chips to the mix to make it thicker??  I used 4 x 12oz bags of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips to 24 ozs of heavy cream.
Thanks everyone for your advice!!   Now, I seem to have another ganache is not setting up.  I used the 2:1 ratio for my ganache and spread it onto the cake and left it to set more than 8 hours ago!     I put it in the fridge to harden before I put on the fondant but am wondering if it would soften again after I cover it and start to ooze.....any helpful tips on this?     Stacey
I'll definitely try that matthewkyrankelly!!!   Thanks so much :)   Stacey
Help!!!!!!   I am in the midst of ganaching a cake (to be covered with fondant) and I ran out!!!   I know that I may be panicking unnecessary but what do I do now?   I have ingredients to make more ganache but knowing that I have to refrigerate it overnight and then bring it to room temperature in the I put the cake in the fridge and let it harden, remove it and let it set overnight?? And then, apply the rest of the ganache in the morning and...
Thanks for your advice Lynne3!!   Stacey
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