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Welcome to CC! This is a great place. I can't begin tell you how much I've already learned in the few short months I've been here. Hope you love it as much as we all do!
I make my own. I can only find the premade RKT in the small individually wrapped blocks. Where does everyone find the big blocks anyway? I personally think the homemade ones taste better but wouldn't mind trying out the ones from the store. Good luck on the dinosaur cjstor!
LOL!! Oh my gosh - you would think so wouldn't ya?!? I've wondered the same thing for a long time.
Have fun doing your cake. Can't wait to see pics. I think it's nice that you were concerned enough to weigh out the possible reactions and worry whether or not it would be too much for some kids & how the parents of the other children would feel about it. It shows great sensitivity & says alot about the type of parent & person you are.
Good to know - thanks. I would have thought the eggs had undergone some cooking process before being made into powder but that just goes to show you how little I know!!! I will most definitely refrigerate meringue powder from now on! This whole topic has given me the heebie jeebies. I think I liked it before when I was blissfully ignorant to all the crap out there that was living in my food! I can't even begin to tell you the amount of cookie dough and brownie batter...
I'm so sorry to hear that! How completely awful. This is exactly why this scared me so bad!!! Just to think that there's the potential for something so devastating to happen (even if the risk is small) is enough to make me stop using raw egg recipes altogether - not to mention stop eating deli meats!!!!! I've never even paid attention to whether my egg cartons say pasturized or not. Now, I'm assuming meringue powders are safe to use right? Is that what a meringue...
Has anyone heard about something called listeria? Apparently, one way that it can be transmitted is via raw eggs (whites & yolks). I've used my aunts recipe for years that has raw egg whites in it and never had a problem with anyone getting sick (that I know of) but now am scared to use it for fear that there might be people who are esp at risk (pregnant women, children, & the elderly) at the parties where my cakes will be served. I know there are alternative recipes -...
Thanks for the replies. For some reason I wasn't notified that anyone responded so I thought no one did! I figured I'd look it up and give it a bump and low and behold there were answers I'm gonna try the vinegar route 1st since I'm pressed for time and then I'm really interested in this stay ice stuff so I think I might just give that a shot too. Thanks again for the tips!
This seems to be happening alot to me lately. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. What could be causing this?
looks great. it's fun stuff huh?!? i just did my first one too and loved it. i'm just waiting for the chance to do another one. frozen buttercream transfer. check out the wonderful list of cc acronyms. they really helped me a ton when i first found this site. i've got this bad boy bookmarked cause i've had to refer to it so often! here's the link: & hth (hope that helps!)
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