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I have Photoshop also, but it's an expensive program! If you want to PM me the pic, I can photoshop it for you and send it back!
Thank you! I'm getting nervous! It just shipped yesterday and I am not sure how long it will take. The wedding cake is due Saturday evening and I need it completely done by Friday night. I guess I could get my fondant details made, my cakes baked/torted/filled. . . I was hoping to get all of my batches of icing made today or tomorrow, but I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow night or Thursday!!!!!YIKES!
Thank you! That's a great website, I just bookmarked it!Also, what's the best way to attach them to the vertical sides of the cake, if I have just a crusting BC frosting? Will they fall off or pull the BC off? I do not want any edges of BC/RI showing under each pearl, but I know water is best to attach fondant to fondant.WWYD?
Yes, I'm using wide satin ribbon on a wedding cake (my 1st!!!!!) this weekend, and I'm nervous about grease showing through! I used black satin on last week's practice cake, and I didn't have a problem. But this weekend I'm using wide sage green, so I'm worried about grease spots. If the finished BC coat is fully crusted/dry, will it still bleed grease into the ribbon??
Thank you--the one finger in the palm worked MUCH better!
Now THAT is a good idea! This time, I am actually alternating large and small pearls--do they have that? I'll have to check those out, as I do love the look of the pearl border.
Oh yes--I didn't think of that! I think those would cut better than the straw. Thanks.
I'm not sure what the circle fondant cutter is, but I am talking about those tiny balls, about the size of the store-bought oyster pearls. Does that tool cut that small?BUT you both gave me a great idea, in just describing your method! I rolled out the fondant and then used a large straw (Dunkies, extra large wide opening!) to cut out multiple equal portions at one time to make into balls! I just cut 25 at a time, then tapped them out of the straw!THANKS for the spark!
I am trying some fondant pearls (small ones for the face/sides of my cake and then some larger ones to line the edge where the cake meets the board).Any tips on how to get them uniform and how to roll them into a ball without them looking like a football!? Rolling them between my palms like playdough is making them more oblong!
I have no advice, but I too am doing my first wedding cake for this weekend! I'm right there with ya'!GOOD LUCK!!! We can commiserate all week!
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