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Thank you so much for sharing! One question: if this cake is "moist" as you say, why would I need simple syrup especially around the edges? Isn't that presumably for a cake that's dry?
FromScratchSF: When you say that you've "converted" all of your butter cakes, did you change any of the ingredient amounts, or just the order of operations?    ETA: Oh, and when you say "butter cakes," do you mean to say that you did *not* convert your other cakes like chocolate or RV?? If so, why not those too!?
Thanks! I just wasn't sure if I was missing something regarding why all of the recipes I saw made very small amounts.
When you say "wrap," do you mean wrap the circumference with a strip and put a circle on the top, then conceal or blend the seam together?? Do you have a tutorial for that, or will I find one on CC? Don't you find that MC is more expensive than MMF?  
Thank you, all! Thanks, WickedGoodies, for sharing your recipe.  I am always afraid of MC breaking or tearing at the corners/edges of a cake.
All of the recipes I've read seem to have small amounts of chocolate (7-12oz) at a time.  Will I mess it up if I make a large batch--48oz? Or should I break it down?
I noticed that the recipes I found on CC for modeling chocolate seem to suggest I can substitute any type of chocolate in the recipes.  But baking site I found gives different recipes for each different type of chocolate, and it's a different amount of corn syrup each time.   Can anyone comment on why the amount of corn syrup needs to change?
N/M just found it :)))
MJTKNT: I could not find any pictures in your gallery of this deer cake, but I have to make one this week and am anxious to see yours! Could you point me in the right direction to find your pics? Thanks!
Where are all of my baking science experts!??
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