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and can you test an out of the way area first?--shoulda thought to mention that first--   when i've done it --after a while it kind of blends/absorbs in so -- don't know how much you can blend around your special decor or how close you can get--   good luck
oh good-- should help--   ♥
 with the pink--since you know now--you might want to be prepared to reinforce the pink coloring with some pink dusts so you don't have to be concerned with the possibility of fading--the pink dusts will remain on for you--you can dust them and stop right there or then hold in steam for a few literal seconds and it sets the dust--either way works great and this does not fade-- i know they habit the farmer's markets in the area--i'm sure they've been to that one--how cool!...
i mean i have rubbed shortening onto already applied fondant but i mean if yours has already crossed over into looking crunchy... don't know how effective it would be--but i've definitely done that before so it might be worth a try?
actually the box needs to be able to be slightly shaken every which way without damage to the precious cargo--because that is the pathway it is being put on--
pink fades--keep it out of light and americolors are stronger--don't know what kind kind you used--   and for icing fading--using milk helps to prevent that but in fondant i think you just need to use a good grade coloring and keep it out of light--   pink does fade though and purple fades to blue because...the pink dissipates--   i have family in campbell ca ;) 
the biggest issue is wiggle room--so long as the box can be moved around every which way without any movement of the precious cargo your'e cool--   i used to receive packages where the idiots (because they never caught on) that packaged them --would carefully  stack all the items up in a beautiful fashion without any regard to how much movement the carefully stacked items would receive on the way to my house--heavy items would sling holes in the box where the small items...
or a sleeve of some kind to put a parchment bag in to keep you from burning the h out of yourself--y'know similar to the coffee cup sleeves used to protect hands for hot coffee in paper cups-   there's no burn like a freaking hot sugar burn
so maybe the next great thing will be a silicone piping bag ☺go k8
  well dang why didn't i have one of those--i used a parchment piping bag--and gloves to pour ticky little things great post--thank you
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