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 well i am hoping for some changes too and because of the book they are publishing and because of this coming up in a few short weeks http:// i think our board owners are quite busy-- i mean if i just have some kids over for dinner i am covered up--so i can only imagine how busy/stressed they are-- so i honestly believe that some change is coming but it's all in due time thing-- i really like the good parts of cc and i think it...
paint it on
  i never get tired of it either--i appreciate james making a way for me to post it --hahaha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ as an aside--i'm thinking about making the kids (in their 30's now) easter baskets this year-- one year we had an easter egg hunt (for them as adults) all the eggs had money --the grand prize egg had a twenty dollar bill in it--it was fierce and fun ♥
  i'm the brown fluffy one   
most of those $80 ones are out of stock--   i just sold a brand new canon 3600 printer plus ink on ebay recently and i started the auction at $15 and i got three hundred dollars--oh joy oh delight--   and because i was researching all this i discovered that yes there are some listed for eighty bucks but they are mostly out of stock once you go clicking on 'em--so this was a great advantage to me selling this item--they are pricier now--   so just tossing this in the...
you'll never be sorry for erring on the side of safety--what i do is picture me explaining my cake process to officials investigating a foodborne illness incident at the wedding reception--or envision how good you will feel to see a new momma giving a little lick of icing to her infant--   you'll never be sorry for erring on the side of food safety
  no i didn't mean that-- i mean 30k-40k is typical entry level--usually takes a few years to get into 50K--which is where $25 an hour gets you in a 40 hour week give or take and like i said--more power to you--and you might not be getting 40 hours a week either--but all very good
  oops -- i mean charge for a quarter sheet 
no i gotcha now-- but that's a dang big pot o' entry level     go for it though
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