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here's another post that got missed - so sorry hope everything went well --   that's sucha happy cake!   what's a biscuit cake? a cookie cake? so i just googled it and it's like this:   best to you!
obviously i'm way too late here but you had too much batter in your pan-- i hope everything went well --   due to spammers they now hold new people's posts and i only just now saw yours at the bottom of the list -- so sorry!
it lasts for months
i think i'd just get a gift card--some of them come looking like american express or whatever -- i don't know what's the lowest amount you can get on there but that's an idea
not that you would put raw chicken above your cake -- i'm just talking generally in terms of why they may not allow  you to fridge your finished product --  
or if you got plastic boxes to hold cake tiers in -- do all the measuring and get some plastic storage boxes that will stack up in the fridge and of course not have anything on top of those either -- reuseable -- like these...
and i can see how the state might not want the finished product in the fridge though -- cross contamination -- bummer for you but safer -- maybe if you emphasize to the inspector that you understand the hazard of cross contamination (chicken leaking juice down onto the the finished product for example) and that you would have nothing above the cake in the fridge --   might help?
no i think the cake should be cold already but i'm just saying in this case you had a room temp cake in a box that protected it from the air conditioning --the towel all folded up should have helped with the bouncing around -- the padding needs to be bigger than the bottom of the box --- otherwise the box will hit on the corners and cause more damage--oh man I've spent many midnights to 6am ditching stuff out of the fridge so I could set my cake in there -- if you plan it...
  so long as there are enough people to buy what interests you most you'll be good to go -- i would think -- off the top of my head -- that you would need a population larger than 50,000 to support this as free standing business with all the other cakers already in town plus grocery stores and other cottage foodies (but my light research into the matter doesn't bode well for cf for this type of product in wv) -- if you are doing from home and it was a second income or...
well hmm -- be careful that you are ok with the possibility of losing the children's market altogether -- because typically children get more special bday cakes/celebrations than adults -- so you need more population to pull from -- which I'm not saying its not doable I'm saying have a careful market study done to track all this out for you in advance lots of 'family' bakeries do adult themes quietly
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