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unless you know specifically that your formula was shelf stable your cake filling was in a hazardous condition when it was served if it was out the fridge above 41 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 4 hours altogether -- not that it didn't taste good but that the bacteria level was bogeying rather up too high
neither of them should sit out like that i don't think -- neither would be more stable than the other imo -- aren't they pretty much the same thing? just one is already made up?
i mean a denser cake makes more sense as you say but it can be done with regular light & fluffy cake -- although i usually carve layers to make a ball --
or pearl dust -- chill the mold and fondant for a few --   but i've never used mm -- but this is how it can be done in other molds i've used
  i like rogue street cakes this going to be a real fun theme for you
they should not be asking for any commission because you don't let them ask for any -- you sell for what you sell for -- if they upcharge it on their end so be it --
 yes -- cart before the horse seems like
  i'm trying!   the pirate ship thread got it rolling for me
ok i'm getting something in on the wire here--  so this is brainstorming-- nothing right or wrong just tossing out things that might spark another idea --   i was just thinking about a pirate cake in another thread so didn't captain hook always twirl the end of his mustache?    the end of a mustache getting singed by the oven door opening popping out a tier cake --    a mask on someone with a chefs hat on -- or pull off the mask and reveal the chefs hat --   a logo...
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