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across the u.s. fondant cakes go for about $4 - $7 a serving base price -- figurines are anywhere from $10 on up and some require copyright privileges granted -- cupcakes start in some places as low as $1 and could go as high as $5 or more --   i'm curious did you make these cakes in the photos?
oh but i did not realize those were fat daddios pans-- i don't see that they have their own non labeled pans in the odd sizes anymore -- oh well i still really like ultimate baker/cooks dream   here's magic line odd sized round
as far as a recipe-- i just always use the one in the quaker oats box -- as far as a couple ideas, you can pat them down half way through the bake as well as before you bake them of course -- and just a random idea but i love cookies like this is to use ground raisins that increases density a bit -- you might to add a little egg white if you do it in a food processor -- using unbleached or bread flour will make them denser -- you could add one or two tablespoons of milk to...
i like these guys   you could always trim your cakes a half inch around and you'd have the odd size cake too
should be fine -- keep them lightly covered away from light -- i would keep mine in my speed rack between sheet trays
tone down and to smoke the color
I would use sky blue and brown-- I'd probably use some brown icing because it's easier to control the amount -- in fact to tone down any color add brown or copper --
oh cool!
they used to make waxed board too -- 
no sorry -- i did this work for my employer -- 
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