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Pilot error geez oh pete
the pictures aren't coming through yet
1x2x4 is the traditional size serving so the 1x2x3 you are proposing is 3/4ths of a normal size -- so yes with the board & dowelling you double your servings but these are under sized -- you should cut 8 per tier for a total of 16 for a 6" cake - because you are doing then a two tier aka double barrel cake--
i understand what you mean -- however servings are determined by footprint not by height -- so each of your examples serve the same number whether four or six inches in height -- if you want more servings you need to dowell & board at the 3" tall mark and you can double your servings -- i mean you could dowell at four inches tall and serve those and awkward 2" tall servings but i would not do that -- just tossing out all the possibilities even the improbable ones
i see the links but i can't see the pictures
  no no no no no no i wanted to be sure that you knew i was not taking your temperature, or setting your standard for you or anything like that that i am on your side -- i think a poster who discloses a difficulty like this makes themself vulnerable and i wanted to assure you i'm on your side -- you weren't harsh -- and from what you said , not at all do i think you did anything wrong -- it's really upsetting when someone uses you like that -- and not an iota would i add...
  i wasn't trying to imply that you did anything wrong --and i apologize if you took it that way -- i'm just saying how i do it -- if any of that might be helpful -- with all that said though since you asked next time you can tell them to be super careful driving and don't do any other errands on the way -- we had this one guy --i've told this story before so  just stop here if you've heard it already ;)  but  we did a 2-d frog cake if memory serves -- was in a closed half...
i let them pick it up but i try to do all the thinking for them --it's cold, it's boxed, it's secure as possible -- i pony up a roll of paper towels to level out the seat if they forgot theirs and i can't find any books, coke cans or jackets in their car to level it out--   and i tell them to drive like there's an egg rolling around on their dashboard  -- zero g force -- i remind them how much the cake costs and to be careful -- no stops anywhere either --   i discuss...
no i never saw those before but those are adorable! far beyond way too cute
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