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random thought--i tap, jiggle and drop my chocolates to help dislodge bubbles--in serious chocolate making--not that you're not serious but i mean serious like where you buy big equipment--they have 'jiggle' machinery to force the bubbles out--   i would not use any release sprays or anything like that--but you should definitely wash them--
you didn't ask but my favorite way is to pipe white chocolate to make snowflakes
here's two ways:   1.) cut a pattern out of a heavy cardboard and trim away the fondant with an exacto knife--overpipe with royal to add angles and accent --sprinkle with sugar or glitter--   2.) make a cutter/s--make the outline them make a couple tiny ones to cut out the inner pieces--   there are other tutorials available if you do an online search for 'making cookie cutters'   best to you
and has anyone seen kerry vincent's tv show "save my bakery"?   i love baking and bakeries so i like the show but it don't know how it would appeal to the average viewer--
very good jumping off place, enga--   and as far as i know, stella,  there's not one place for everything baking related--and if there is i would not trust it 100%   you need to contact your local county health officials, as well as city business license folks, maybe dept of agriculture, possibly code enforcement, the zoning board, multiple places that are not necessarily connected by dots--there can be more than a little confusion as different agencies within the...
you could cut some bike themed wrappers to set the minis in--better idea than all that labor intensive piping and stuff for something that little--and there are bike picks too--i guess picks might not be considered sophisticated but sophistication costs in time and dollars--
oh dang --minis? i missed the mini part--good luck!
google "bicycle silhouettes" -- what i do is look over free clip art, cartoons, bicycle images for a nice all-in-one-piece artsy kind of bike--practice it till i get it or print it and reduce or enlarge to the size i want -- use that as my piping guide and slide it under plastic wrap to trace --    this would be cute on fondant--use edible ink markers--scroll down a bit to "bike & bake"   you could also bake...
  i think you handled it well--great save! best to you
hey caralin,   i don't know of any tools like that myself --     but my comment for you is that the regular ball tool does not have to work like that-- you shouldn't have to actually roll it--just rub it over wherever you want it and just keep it from sticking with cornstarch    best to you   ♥
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