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the box shielded your cake from the ac
i don't know how you delivered but i deliver climate controlled--   1st of all my cakes are nice & cold so i have that invisible internal cohesion that the cold fats provide--the importance can't be over stated--   then i deliver cakes boxed --early in my career i did not box -- then i grew up and  anxiety  set in so the one time i was gonna deliver in recent years without a box like within an hour of delivery it came a sudden huge gulley washer and the humidity poured...
pretzels rice krispie treats pasta mini reese's pnut butter cup make another one that the first one can sit on Twix candy bar
so i bake cream cheese cupcakes with lemon/lime curd and it's fine-- she might want to amp up the lemon presence with some extra zest -- btw-- i always ramp up the oil in my zest by rubbing it with sugar before using it -- the abrasion really loosens up all the flavor/oil and aroma -- that alone would ramp it up --   hard to say exactly the ratio -- she just needs to taste it and match it to her remembrance of the taste
those are cool --smaller than the h&h i'm familiar with - nice
like henry & henry?
what is a lemon icing fruit?
rebel with a (cause) cake
 oh hell, i'm old--  i only balked at the word 'rogue' when i looked up the definition -- and i think it's important to be who you are realizing it's ok to change later on -- you're pretty much supposed to change...for the better hopefully -- 'going/being rogue' is kind of a badge of honor -- like 'coloring outside the lines' and 'runs with scissors' clearly a time and place for everything -- rogue street works if it's worked into the whole design-- like a street sign for...
rubik's have black borders so 7.5 probably would work perfect on a 9" cube fwiw
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