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  oh so it worked for you!  lol congratulations  
i just wanted to say that i would recommend making cupcakes with the different types of coloring in order to test this out to get it to your liking--
i got my hopes way up about the potato chip tester gig but when you read the fine print there you're not getting to eat them after all -- discarding potato chips is nearly criminal -- come to think of it they would have to pay me to get me to throw them away -- i think my cellulite and i will not go pro on this one--remaining amateur and loving it--just one batch of lipton onion soup sour cream dip away from heaven... 
stir in some blueberries?   but i'm not sure why the purple colors don't work but blueberry will
  stunning--insert clapping hands smilie face-- 
  because this is where 'exactly like that' goes off in the ditch forever--i mean if they want  40 servings or 200 it just ain't never gonna get to 'exactly' had a job where the boss would write up the baking schedule according to the servings needed then sh*t their pants when an 'exactly' cake wasn't -- cannot ever be exact if you don't bake the right sizes & shape-- the profile has to be kept intact  ♥
i hope that you are re-creating the same size and shape of the cake--  square, tall square & round, diminutive topper-if you can pipe, you can do that easy peasy--it's balanced and over piped it's not stencil perfect so that makes it that much more forgiving to reproduce--   as far as the need to have bff type clients--nice work if you can get it but other than that you gotta make hay while the sun shines as the old saying goes--if you can fulfill the expectation--do...
i've had to put 8-10 names on a 7"--we had this (come to find out)  therapist who would buy cakes all the time to celebrate  anniversaries of the former addicts under his care with the number of the anniversary--and we had to get it exactly right too--   happy birthday ben, 1; carrie, 2; sam, 1; george, 4 etc.   he came in about ever week or so
i mean voila--ha!
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