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Is there any secret to modeling gum paste or fondant, eg. additives? I am slow at figure and face work and have a drying out problem. Tried shortening but of course limbs will not stick on because of it. Help please!!!
The old Sunbeam mixers were work horses but they were made in the US. I had one for 30 years and only gave it away because it was looking too shabby to take to my cake classes. The friend I gave it to is still using it. The new Sunbeams are not made in the US and I went through 2 of them in a couple of months. One lost all it's speed except high which was so high it threw the cake batter out of the bowl. The second one hardly had any power so I returned it and bought a...
Jusat use some buttercream or royal icing to stick it on with.
Refridgerate it but take it out of the fridge a few hours before serving.
Use a good filling and probably no one will notice. Carve while partly frozen and use ganache under the fondant, that will give them the needed stability.
Yes! I use them a lot and love them. I always found the gels never dry completely but the airbrush colour does.
Thanks. Didn't think so but thought I had better check. Better safe than sorry.
I have bulk chocolate blocks. Do I need to temper it before I make ganache?
Thanks, that's a great help.
I have a cake to cover with ganache and only have bittersweet chocolate. Can I add some sugar to the ganache? If so, when do I add the sugar?
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