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Thanks, Kathy! We appreciate it!
I am getting many comments on my cake photos by a member named: Beldon01. The person doesn't leave photo comments, at all. They leave phishing info and links. Please beware!!
In the past, I've received those scamming emails where the person wants a wedding cake and it's laughable as the order is in broken English, i.e., "Yes, please. Need cake for wedding. It say Happy Marriage...." Something to that effect and then wants an agent to pick it up...yadda yadda yadda. Well, here's a new one I got today. Any of you received such a message?From: Miky Fare <(mod edited)> To: undisclosed recipients: ; Received-On: Today 3:20 PM...
Hello There,I believe we met at the courthouse when I processed your FBN. This is Deborah from Cakes Unleashed!! Congrats on the new business. I, too, had to jump through all the hoops and it truly is rewarding once all that paperwork stuff is done. Sooooo, hang in there, Girly. I noted that you stated in your forum post that our area doesn't have a "real" bakery and that's true. Perhaps we should open one!?!?! I have been doing this for three or so years now,...
Thank you so much for your response. I think I will invest in it and see if I can get more organized. I appreciate your info. Also, would like to hear from all of the other Cake Boss Software users, too.Thanks again!
Wow! 17 views thus far and no responses???Is there ANYONE out there utilizing Cake Boss Software???
How many of you actually utilize this resource for cake pricing, inventory, etc.??? Do you like it? Is this the only product out there? The Pros? The Cons??I respect Cake Central and all you members so I came here with my question as I know I will get, hands down, honest advice and assistance.Love to you all!!!Happy holidays! forgot to add that the ship base was carved out of rice cereal treats that I covered in fondant.
I just made a USS NIMITZ cake with an aircraft carrier deck. I used fondant with a lot of tylose powder to make it hard. I let it sit over night and it was very firm the next night.Here's the photo. (Please Note: It was a FREE cake so I didn't add as many details as I normally would for a paying customer! LOL!!!)
OMG!! That's hilarious!!!! Thanks for sharing! I think I may have to use that sometime! You made my day!
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