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No way anyone else sets up anything of mine.  I do it and take a picture.  I have, when I was doing candy buffets, draped a color appripriate piece of tulle over the candy jars, just to visually tell people its "closed."
You're in the right thread but you're on page 38.  Go to page 15.
Read my signature line.
hot glue
Do you have Word or PowerPoint? Thata all you need.
IndyDebi's Buttercream will also hold up.
I buy it.  I don't have a lot of brand loyalty, and use Satin Ice, Pettin Ice and Wilton - but only mixed with the other brands.
Charlotte's Whipped Cream Buttercream  WILL stand up to heat and humidity.  Srsly.
How tall is the 9 x 13?
Did you look at Square Register?
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