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Here's another link through ebay (it has a picture of the book): about the porn star =(Thanks Michele
Wow - now thats cool, looks like I have another item added to my wishlist. Thanks dalis4joe
I found the book its Floating on Air: Simple Guide to Fixed and Floating Extension Work and Other Decorating Techniques by Linda Wong Thanks SweetFlowers
Sadsmile what is unbreakable gel???I can't seem to find the book by Donna Wong - do you know where I might be able to find it? Thank you guys for all your help
Sweet flowers - do you know where I can get that book? And if you don't mind can you double check the title and author.Thank you
Yeah I'm pretty sure they said no ledges (one of the judges mentioned this - thats why I'm asking I can't figure out how you would do string work with out a ledge. One of the cakes looked like maybe they used hat pins or something and draped the icing on that and then did the string work. But there was one other that the judges mentioned no ledge be used and how difficult that was.So if anyone knows how to do that I would love to know.
I was watching a re-run of the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show and they showed a couple of cakes that had string work but no ledges - how did they accomplish this?Does anone know?
I would just tell them that if they are going to treat you just like any other vendor I would tell them that you will treat them like any other client (full price). At least thats what I would want to tell them, in all reality I don't know if I would. That would bug me for sure - good luck. =)
Another great investment is Sharon Zambito's DVD's - AMAZING. www . sugaredproductions . com
This is what I have done for the past 4 years and never had a problem once.
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