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OP: I can't answer your ? as  I haven't used any Wilton products for over 6 yrs  now. just wanted to relay this: once many yrs ago I made a wedding cake - if I remember right it was 4 tiers - and had a plate crack in 1/2.  And I think it might have been  12"er too :)  I had finished the cake the day before delivery and went home for the night, leaving the cake set up in my shop;  in the morning when I went to deliver it I found the broken plate.  Was able to transfer the...
Crumbcake I don't think IndyDebi is still active on this board.  You didn't seem to notice this thread started some 7 years ago :) It could be that the red was the 1st color her hand found? 
Even though I have often done at least 2, sometimes 3 wedding cake in one day I never was actually IN any of those.  That truly puts a different slant on your situation.  I agree w/mcaulir. 
Some 95% of my decorating career was in b'cream (check out my album on this site).  This is one of the recipes I used over the years.  Hope it helps  you.
In my opinion this is one of the best recipes you could use. Be sure to read through the whole post as there are helpful hints throughout.
Oh I rather doubt that one!  Cheaper brands of powdered sugar usually means it lumpy and grainy.
I never used those charts.  What I was taught is to figure one batch of icing using 2# of sugar for each cake mix.  For those baking from scratch I guess you would figure 1 per batch of batter but I know recipes make different amounts so match the batter to the size pan used.  IE: batter filling one 10x2" round would = the same as one cake mix.
.........1) Can I stack them using buttercream while they're still frozen? Would thawing of the cake make the buttercream melt or drip?.........      It's really not a good idea.   But......NO, in thawing the b'cream will not melt or drip :)   ........2) What happens if you buttercream a frozen cake?..........   I only did once or twice early on in my 'career'.  When I did, the icing fell off the cake in a big sheet :(  Can't be sure what caused that problem but I...
What is sometimes referred to as heavy cream is simply whipping cream.  To advise you further we need to know what  it's being used for/in.
You probably will get many different answers on this ? :(    ALL cakes will shrink some on cooling.  You don't give us any indication how much shrinking there is so it's hard to advise you. As far as I'm concerned your recipe is a little off. That's a lot of water and melted fat in one cake mix.  You should try this recipe:
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