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Royal should not be refrigerated, as moisture will ruin it.  If you make it from fresh egg whites it will last maybe a week.  You can use meringue powder or powdered egg whites it should last maybe a couple of weeks. Keep it well covered with plastic wrap right on it, then a layer of aluminum foil.  Do NOT cover it with a wet/damp cloth as many recipes tell you as it will pick up the moisture and turn to soup :( If when you go to use it it seems to have seperated, just...
Another look is to use this combination: a 12,10,8,6 inch which is about 130.  I personally don't like just a 2" difference between tiers and I think it makes it much harder to transport. Check with your 'client' to see if they are o.k. w/just 130 servings OR add a 1/4 sheet cake to make up the difference.
Go to the Wilton site and find the wedding cake cutting guide.  It will tell you how many servings each tier will serve.  As I remember a 6" serves 12; an 8" serves 20 (or is it 25?) and a 10 serves 48;  a 12 serves 56.  I could be wrong - it's been awhile since I had to remember the #s :)  I'm thinking a 14, 10 or 9 w/a 6 should be about right and look nice. YES!, do use the wedding cake chart to figure the # of servings, then base the price on that #.  You do say it is...
Modeling chocolate does not need to be frozen.  Just keep in a dark, place away from heat and moisture.  I kept mine in a cake box in a cupboard I used  for cake supplies etc only.
I'm not so sure it's the 150.  It could be from one of those 'new' sets (maybe 15 yrs ago now haha)  But there was a set of tips that did similar designs.  I think today they can purchased separately but can't recall the #s anymore.
Yeah, what she ^^^ said :) It most likely is piped free-hand. In my opinion I don't see why you want to know.   If it is from a stencil you probably could not find that exact stencil so just make you own pattern and pipe it.  You should come close enough that most people won't know the difference.
I have used ABC for 95% of my cakes.  Yes, I have decorated ahead and frozen them w/o a problem.  (Take a look at my pictures.)  You can use my '2 of everything' recipe.  It works great.  Here's the link:
NO.  When they thaw they will become soft and sticky :( a call....lady want to place a order of 75 cupcakes....its for monday okay no...find out if was for pick up mid day sun....scramble ...get it done the lady...she i have to deliver them 20 miles away the next morning.......   SHE FORGOT??  Her negligence does NOT make an emergency for YOU!  NO you do NOT need to deliver - and if you choose to  then you charge for it.  Gas is not cheap anymore! :)   Don't let people run/ruin your life! ...
I've done both ways.  It depends on where it's being delivered; how big; the design etc. I've had many delivered with NO problems and I've had a few disasters - but they were many years ago.
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