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I don't think you are overbeating. If you are using my *original* WASC recipe I always beat mine a full 2 minutes - even when I made lg amounts of batter in the 20 qt mixer I seldom made cuppies so I can't really say what might be the problem - sorry.
I have never understood the reasoning behind this.  Working in a busy bakery no one have the time to let cakes settle yet there is seldom the problems some people attribute to this.  To me all one is going to get is a cake that is heavy and not feather light :(
You ask for a WASC choco version - just use the original recipe :) !   If you read this post of the recipe you will see that a chocolate version is made by using a chocolate cake mix.  If you want a deeper choco flavor, swap in about 1/4 cup cocoa powder instead of that amount of flour. 
I usually make my pine trees by covering ice cream cones w/b'cream stars or use tip 74 (?I think that's the #).  It looks sort of like a star tip but has one side 'squashed' :) You can see sever examples in my posted pix. 
If you read through the *whole* thread where I posted the *original* WASC recipe you will find lots of discussion regarding your concerns.  The other recipe posted makes a very large amount and not everyone needs that much batter all at once.  It was 'tweaked' from my *original* recipe by a baker to use for her white wedding cakes. I no longer bake but did do some just after the reduction in mix sizes.  Enga...
Use a wire whip and slowly hand stir it in a figure 8. If it's a full recipe (2#of sugar) then stir it in a KitchenAid mixer using the paddle on the lowest setting for 5 to 10 minutes.  Yes, the longer and slower mixed the better :) Here's a great recipe to try:
Orange soda and/or KoolAid:)   Yes, use UNsweetened KoolAid mixed w/soda in my *original* WASC recipe. 
Yeah, the hot water &/or knife treatment is the only way I ever found to work.  It's not easy :(
Definitely can airbrush flowers - I did all the time:)  Use a crusting b'cream.  If I remember right I posted a recipe on this site yrs ago for making  B'cream flowers.   I also have fzn them but don't like that.  One has to work soooooo fast - they start to melt instantly when removed from fzr.  Most of the time I lost more then I gained:( 
I did for a short while.  Back then - when I was in business - there wasn't much info on making them nor anywhere to buy them.  The ones that were available to buy were made from a much thicker wafer paper and didn't look all that good.  I mostly worked w/b'cream.
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