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How exciting! I love to watch triathalons, but haven't actually tried it yet. :-0She wants a sheet cake? Hmm...I'm not all that great with fondant. But, if you are, what if you molded a runner. Make sure you add the bib. The runner is at the "starting line" you have a road that deadends into a lake. From there, you can have a swimmer's head (with swim cap) and arm coming out of the water. The water rolls up on a road. At this point, I would buy a toy bike with a...
First off, congrats! I know you're looking forward to having your honey home!Do you have any kids? I was thinking about a cake made about him, not really remembering where he's been. Maybe a cake with his favorite things, hobbies, memories etc. Sometimes my child has the better ideas than I do when it comes to making my DH's cake. If you want to do a welcome home, I vision a road with shrubs, and a house at the end of the road. A large Welcome Home banner is in the...
Thank you!
Well, that might be helpful, huh?It should feed 150 ish.Thank you!
Hi. I need some help!I've been asked to make a square wedding cake. What size do you recommend (8, 10, 12) or (8, 10, 12 &16)? Should each tier be 2" or 4"? Any help and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.TIA!Jen
I use a very thin coat of buttercream.
How do you paint on fondant? Do you use straight coloring gel, or do you mix it with something?When brushing on eye color and eye brows last time, I used color with vodka and it seemed to be really thin. Please tell me what you think works best.Thanks,Jen
The cake turned out great! How cute!!!!
Could you make a round cake with flowers on top and their names around the sides of the cakes?Just an idea.
Great idea and drawing, Doug! Excellent!
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