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the same as anywhere else in the world. Take all your costs, add your overheads incl labour and profit.
its most likely your oven, so definitly check that but you can also split the batter between 2 pans, they will bake faster on the inside than a large thick layer.
make a ***y,smooth, small one, and tell her thats how hers looks to you you'll have a customer for life! LOL     why on earth would anyone have an exact replica of their butt
Im assuming what you want is to make the same "mistake" with the recipe but not have the volcano in your oven :) If so use a bigger pan, this should prevent the cake from spilling over.
I thinks its an impression mat. You get loads of different textures.
it looks like real rose petals (large ones from the outsideof the flower) that was folded around a small cupcake or cake pop. Each one is on a little board, so I dont think they are cupcake holders. Remember if you use real fowers to make sure they are pesticide free.   Maybe you can do them with gumpaste, then it will be edible?
Im also in South Africa and I let mine cool on the counter,  cut, wrap  and freeze until the next day. I find that this gives me a very sturdy cake to work with and virtually crumb free!
I think a 12", 8" combo is too short and squat to look balanced. It always looks like they forgot the top tier. Stack the two pans together and see what it looks like to you and the bride.
  I think that this was a huge contributor to your problem. From what I understand cake cirlcles are a thin cardboard, right? I think you cake was too heavy for that circle and when you moved it the cake buckeled and the staws sifted.
if you want really sharp edges on your cakes, invest in good cake pans, those silicone ones are ok for home baking, but I would never use them for a customer. There is aways at least one wonky corner or side with those silicone babies :)   the flowers looks good, but next time you can maybe ball and frill the edges of your blossoms as well. This wil thin them and they will tie in nicley with the big one. I prefer ganache as a crumbcoat under the fondant. This gives...
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