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yea, orange hearts. That is the colors of the wedding. The roses are a little deeper red than it looks in the pic.
thanks everyone!The cake is going to be a stacked 3 tier. Im doing some rose petals to put on the other layers, no hearts anywhere else. I will take the hearts out. I didnt like them to begin with, just didnt know why. Now I have some more perspective.This is going to be my 1st wedding cake so I want it to be perfect!
Im doing a wedding cake for the weekend and the bride is so unhelpfull! She doesnt care what the cake looks like so now its up to me. I finally got her a pic that she sort of liked. I've made the flowers that goes on top, but in the pic there's these little hearts added, I did them, but dont like them much. Would u go for the one with or without????So please give me your opinion!!!!!!
if its proper gumpaste - not mmf - then drying in the oven is the way to go. I have a fan asst oven and my pieces dry in a few hours.HTH
about a yearI was an accountant for a big firm until my daugter was born, so now Im a SAHM trying to start a cake business
take a batch of white and divide into balls. Color each ball the color u want.You can also color balls in primary colors, red , blue & yellow and then mix to get the secondary ones eg red+ yellow = orange
add some gumtax/tylose.I just had the exact thing happen to me. Refrigeration wont help, it will just make it sticky
a fruit cake without alcohol wont keep for long, it will keep longer than a sponge, but not as long as a traditional fruit cake, so I wont worry about the maturing factor. Even with alchol the cake can be eaten immediatly if u want, the only difference the cake wont taste very "traditional"As for substituting the alcohol, my gran used to soak her fruit in tea, in S-Africa we get something callled "rooibos tea" this has a very unique flavor and is wonderfull to use, but u...
I think its somethin to do with a reaction between the cake and the paste. I did a couse on fruit cakes ands the instructor said never to use sugarpaste on its own to do the bottom layer, but to mix sugarpaste and almond paste 50/50 and then use that as a bottom layer. This will also mask the taste af the almond paste. Another tip I received is to add some glycerine to the RI, this prevents it from going rock hard. But I have an idea it will just seep through again. Cant u...
EmmascakesI think if ur used to the USA fondant anything will taste better A friend brought me a small packet of fondant when she was over there and I must say I can understand why no one wants to eat it. Its a lot worse than the sugarpaste u find in the UK, SA and AUS.
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