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Im of a different opinion, there is going to be so much texture difference between the tiers with smooth icing and the roses one, that I think fondant will look good! I can never get butter cream smooth so personally I will go for fondant with the rose swirls on the other tiers   btw I think ps-based is powdered sugar based :)
without a board your dowels are absolutely useless. think of a two story house, the walls (dowels) support the top floor(board), the top floor (board) supports the structure on top. Without the board the dowels just pushed straight though the top cake
well, how high is your layers going to be? The safest way is to dowel every 4", that is with boards and dowels. I have gone up to 6" without supports, but even that can be risky. Its useless to create this awesome cake without supports and then it collapses on you.   Dowels without boards will be absolutely useless, the combination ensures that the bottom cakes doesnt sag or collapse under the weight from the cakes + deco above.   Sometimes you have to tell the...
I did a replica of that building. For the onion domes I used a ball shaped polystyrene and just molded the fondant around it to give me the onion shape.   Here is my cake
it is necessary to get permission form the  copyright holder. Most people agree that if you do it for your own child and don't intend to resell, its OK to do it without permission, however that is a fairly grey area,so the best advise is not to post pictures on your website as advertsing.   Legally you don't need the permission from someone to replicate a cake. It considered common courtesy to ask for permission and/or give credit when you post the cake on your...
the South African site you have linked to buys their supplies form this vendor. I know Ray sends stuff overseas, so if you contact her Im sure she will be able to assist. the one you are looking for is under her platinum collection.
its done with edible images. here is the link to the original
I agree with the pp, I always dowel, even fruit cakes! also agree with pp it will be much studier if you can do the two tilted cakes in Styrofoam, and do two separate cakes to make up for the servings.
I just looked at the cake again, and the brooch on the bottom tier is from I know Ray does lots of stuff for chocolate, maybe thats where Kanya got that pattern from as well? Ray is VERY helpfull, Im sure if you contact her she will be able to help.
at Chocolate Den you must ask for structure sheets, the last time I was there it was hidden away! Im assuming ur in the Johannesburg area? Have you been to Linda's bake in Melville? Im sure they had that design late last year.
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