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 ^^^^^ This!!
Hmm we try to give you advise and perspective and you questions our creativity and morals?? Now who is not playing nice ??  you have obviously not dealt with some of the brides I deal with every day. They bring a picture and they want that replicated. that is their vision for their cake and Im not going to say " GO AWAY, Im not copying that cake" :) in any case if you search long enough there will be several very similar versions of your unique design. Everything has been...
it needs marzipan to prevent the juices from staining the fondant, so follow the advise above regarding the apricot jam and make sure that you leave the marzipan-ed cake for a day. Then wet it slightly with a damp brush and cover with fondant.
I can understand your frustration, and it would have been good manners to ask you before, but I live by the saying "imitation is the greatest form of flattery" so if someone copies my designs I take it a compliment. She is obviously not creative enough to do her own designs and your sister loves your work so much that they couldnt get any other ideas. Im always are secretly rubbing my hands together if the copied design doesnt look as good as mine, so I would probably...
I agree with you, however, she said     this is delliberately trying to decieve one of the parties, in this case the bank. What will her defence be if the client files a complaint with the bank? The bank will take steps against her for fraud, Im sure!
its better to pipe royal directly onto the cake. Try to trace the words with a pin onto the cake and then pipe over it.
I dont know about the butterceam, as I dont really use it, however, keep in mind that a 6 tier cake is going to be VERY heavy. Are you going to be able to lift and carry it, even with help? also a 5 tier cake just fits into the back of my car, so make sure that a stacked 6 tier cake will actually fit.
 Why do you have a $4 per serving then? if someone wants a wedding cake for 90 servings would you also say that $360 is insane?   Also your cost is not $70, its way more than that if you take everything into account. Its not just the flour & eggs, its ALL the overheads that makes up the cost of a cake.
when she collects the cake have a copy ready for signature. Let her read all you conditions in front of you and get her to sign it. If she refuses then she gets no cake! Butt covered
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