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I don't think you will get in in time from South Africa.. Orders from the states to me in South Africa has never taken less than 4 weeks so if you order now you might have it mid Nov.
I always mix some cake crumbs with some ganache into a stiff paste and then seal the joints, much like a bricklayer does with bricks. Make sure the cracks are filled completely otherwise it will sink again. Let this set properly and then do a normal crumb coat. it should then look like one cake. HTH
those are not lilies. if you Google gerbera you will see the centre they should have. I normally don't do those on wires, as the petals are so thin and they break easily. If you do want them wired though, the best is to start with the centre on a wire, let it dry and then build the petals around it. your flowers can be used without wires on the side of a cake though, so don't think you have wasted your time. :)
that will work if you have a price increase that is in line with inflation, however most people that's trying to correct their pricing because of undercharging, will increase by more than cost of inflation.
unfortunately that is the problem with under charging. When I started out I did exactly the same. I way undercharged and then after a couple of months I started charging realistic amounts. I lost most of my customers as they couldn't understand an almost 50% increase!! I just stuck to my guns and basically had to  start my business from scratch with new customers.
this cake I did with Crystal Lace, it was super easy. The lace dried quite fast in my oven, about  40min per sheet and stayed pliable for 3 days. I added the silver dust to the mat before spreading the lace, but a friend coloured hers 1st and then used it with very good results. It doesn't really taste like anything, maybe similar to gum paste?    
it wont make any difference either way. At least you are a day early and not a day late :)
I only add the flowers at setup. roses are quite sturdy, but they will definitely not last if you do it the day before. I normally cut the rose off right against the flower and then stick a toothpick into the back of the  flower. This is easier to insert into the Styrofoam.
 That was my 1st thought as well. Why only on the one side? It look to me like it melted from being exposed to some heat source, maybe a sunny window?
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