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I think they shink when cooling, well that's my theory. :) I always get those little holes. Before covering with your preserve/jam , just take small pieces of marzipan and fill the holes. 
Im on a Mother and Child forum where all the posts older than say 6 months are moved into an archive. If you do a search on the main forum, only the current posts will appear, but if you really need to find something old you can do a separate search in the archive.   So many time I have seen a 5 year old thread suddenly gets a "help me I want to do this" or "send me the instructions too" post and 90% of the times the member that started that thread is no longer active.
you can use this as your logo, maybe just have him hold a box mix :)
crystal candy in South Africa has a similar design. It looks like the 2nd last one on this page
Hollow dummies? that's a new one I would normally not dowel dummies, but how sturdy are they? The top ones I would just stack, Im assuming they are sturdy enough to take the weight of the ones above? The real cake I will definitely dowel, and the bottom dummy as well if its not very sturdy. If the dummy touches the cake I will add a board, if it touches another dummy I will not bother. I don't do BC cakes, so cant help you there.
if I do a fruit cake without marzipan I use two layers of fondant. the prep is the same as yours I don use royal icing though, but some fondant.  if you do a layer of fondant and leave it for 24 hours, then add another layer it gives a beautiful finish.
this thread was started 4 years ago!! those posters are probably not even around anymore 
according to how I calculate (using the wilton chart) that cake will serve 168. I would halve the number of servings for the shorter tiers as I will cut 2"x2" pieces instead of the 1"x2" for the higher tiers. HTH
done lots of them, just treat it like a normal wedding cake. I would stack in combos of 2-3 layers at home and then complete the stacking at the venue. an 8 tier cake will be very tall, so it might not fit in your car all stacked. Only dowel the real cakes, the Styrofoam will be fine.
their moulds are stunning, I have several myself. Not sure why they didn't get back to you though, normally Ray's service is excellent. unfortunately I think time is against you. Hope you find something!
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