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Some of them look like they are half lanterns. Just make the half and let dry around a pencil or pen of the thickness you want.
Hi there Welcome!  What I would do is make the cylindar lantern and poke holes where you want the thread?  I can't see what it is they used to hang them.  Then once they are dried hard thread it in the holes to hang.    Hope this helps you.  
I just want to know if anything bad will happen if I don't cover in plastic???  Any thoughts?
Just what I needed to hear!   I'm doing one this weekend and they don't want fondant on their cake.  What were the colors used brown and black?
Would a hint of black do it?  or navy?    just curious because I have the same problem and dont want to mess up a whole mixer full.  
Is there a tutorial on how to make the cakes that look like the bottle of soda, or milk is pouring out onto the cake?   I've been wanting to make one forever but don't know how to support the milk/bottle. Thanks for your help!
If its more than 45 min.  I put mine in the fridge with a plastic cover on it.
Can you go to a local cake supply store and get just a few?  That is what I do.
ok, so If I put strawberry filling on the cake label thats all I need?
I buy mine from a local cake supply and they do have the ingredients on the shelf.  I would have to go in and take pics of all the flavors.  I did go to ********** and they do not have and ingredient list on their site. 
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