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Good to know. Thanks!
Yes, Musicmommy1, Those are the ones I was talking about.  Thank you for the advice!!!   I don't think I will do them all at once.  
EXACTLY!    That is how I got smooth buttercream..... and Sharon Zambitios DVD didn't hurt either!
I'm going to make a domed baby face for my cupcakes.  Do I make the whole topper with face and hat on it and place it on the cupcake?  OR  just make the dome part and decorate with the face and hat after?  What is easier?  Thanks in advance!   Mare
Ive already had yo throw away one disaster!!! Thank you!
I baked or am still baking it and its a disaster!!! What is the trick with this pan?? Thanks in advance!
How do I do this? Thanks for yiur help!
I was in tears trying to use mine for the first time. I discovered two things. A tad of Crisco works better than powders sugar and clean off the cutter often. Hope this helps others!  
True... I hope they opt for butter cream.
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