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Doing some research , per America's Test Kitchen, granulated sugar adds crunch while confectioners sugar adds tenderness. So using all confectioners sugar  made the cookies too "soft".   They have an ice box cookie recipe that combined both and the taste was wonderful but it spreaded badly even though it states it would not.  They also have a recipe called "holiday cookies" that requires superfine sugar that was made by pulsing granulated sugar  in a food processor.  I...
I got it from a cookie blog. I did not want to post the link but this is a copy of the recipe which I followed to a tee. She said the dough did not require chilling however it was WAY too stick to use without it. I did a sample using the dough without chilling , with alot of flouring the surface, and a sample after chilling. The results where the same , powdery and bland. The best way to describe it would be melting in your mouth- soft. Ingredients 1 c. {two sticks}...
NFSC has always been my go to recipe when making cookies. I ran across a recipe that used confectioners sugar instead of granulated sugar and thought I'd give it a try. The cookies did not spread , which was a good thing but the taste was powdery, soft and bland. Has anyone else had those results with this type recipe?
Has anyone purchased Carolyn Wanke's Cowboy Boots kit ? They were featured in the January 2008 ICES newsletter. I would like to know your thoughts before paying 225.00 for the kit.
I signed up for JoAnn's on Facebook. I recieved a post yesterday for an unadvertised three day sale on Cricut products. The after Thanksgiving promo for the Mini was 99.00. I got the Mini yesterday for 79.00. They did not have any Cricuts on the floor, it appeared they where sold out. I asked for a manager and gave her the printout of the post from Facebook, she went to the stockroom and gave me one. The large one was also on sale.
Does anyone make the Cupcake Towers like displayed on Cake Journal? If so how much do you charge?
Has anyone else heard of this?I recieved this in an email and it states in 2008 , cake , biscuits and brownie mix was included.I usually ignore these a urban legends but this is the source in which I validate my "urban legends" by.
Love those butterflies!!! Got to get those sheets !!!!
PinkZiab , please dig up those instructions In the meantime, I will wait for her book, sound exciting !!!!
Ok , as promised, I ordered the Whey Low. This is the best tasting sugar subsitute I have ever tasted. It doesn't have the after taste like other sweetners. It is more finely granulated than regular sugar .Now as far as baking , NO. I baked a Lemon Pound cake, one that I have had wonderful results in the past. It was a dud. The recipe called for meringue stiffly beaten with sugar added and cream of tatar . The meringue beat up perfectly but began to shrink as it...
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