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I knew an expert would chime in!! Thanks a million Rychevamp!!!! and you are so right...when it happened to me I had just taken my cake out of the fridge and it was quite cold, but my smbc was at room temperature. I should had worked faster to apply the bc or let the cake come to room temperature first.   **side note---I have soooo many cake toys already, but a torch is one that I MUST add still 
I've had that happened to me in the past and couldn't figure out what I did wrong...I've done succesful batches in the past though... maybe the SMBC experts can help here. I'd like to know too.Good luck!!
Wow, the cake is awesome. Congratulations!!! did you just insterted the balloons? what are the balloons made out of??
Great thread...I know is old, but I just found it!
Ahhh, thank you for such great tip on the corn flour. I believe that's what happened to me some time ago, and mine also got blotchy  ---
Yes, I remember Sharon mentioned that you can freeze it, but you would have to re-mix when you thaw it out.Good luck!
Thanks a lot doramoreno62! I've never seen the Sugar Dress video but it looks like it works just like cake lace!! yeah, very similar to cake lace and also very flexible. I guess I'll try cake lace next  Thanks again Dora!
I honestly don't know if it would work with whipped topping...I've only used it on fondant. If you go to the Cake Lace website you can write to them and ask them. I once had a question and they answered right away. They are also in Facebook. Good luck doramoreno62!
 Thank you gscout73! but do you know how different it is from sugarveil or cake lace? I'd like to give it a try
This is an awesome and beautiful got started by Rylan and he is no long with us, but I send him thoughts of love, peace and harmony. Thanks a million Rylan!!  
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