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What is the difference between styrofoam and styrene when using it for a cake dummy? is one smoother than the other? Is one heavier? I'm looking to purchase some for a wedding cake display. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
that did the trick! Thanks so much!
I'm using the wilton chocolate wafers to mold some seashells but the chocolate is too thick to pour into the mold - I understand I'm not using the greatest chocolate to melt but is there any way to thin up the chocolate so I can pour it easier. right now I'm using a pastry bag to pipe it into the molds.
where can i find those cute adirondack chairs i"ve seen on alot of the ocean/seashell themed cakes?
I found a bunch or great "YouTube" videos regarding both fondant and buttercream. Search how to ice a cake with buttercream and how to apply fondant to a cake. There are a bunch of videos on both and seeing it done is so much more helpful sometimes. Great tricks of the trade regarding edges and smoothing the cake in general.......Just a thought.
I did a fondant guitar on a buttercream iced cake also (see in my pix). I piped black buttercream but it was difficult. Of course after doing the cake - I was walking down an isle at the grocery store and candy was on one side - I saw string black liquorish (?spelling) and I thought - oh man - that would have been perfect for guitar strings! Just a thought......
Thank you
If I'm covering a cake with fondant - does it make a difference if I use a "crusting" buttercream icing or a non-crusting BC to ice the cake before laying the fondant on? I would think that the fondant wouldn't stick well to a crusted BC.....What do you think?
I think you need to be a bit more specific with your question for help. Are you talking about fondant or buttercream? Are you asking about square edges or the edges where the top meet the sides (on a round cake)?
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