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9 cups of batter:
From the blog:   From her site: $450 or so ...,     It's a good basic cake - the "Cake Enhancer" or emulsifier is not necessary ..   I prefer this one:
Try asking your questions on the forum attached to Karen's website:
Blog entry of interest with packaging instructions:
The first one is a frill tube: FT 080   I have seen the second one before, but I can't find where at the moment ..   The third one is a St Honore tube - makes the herringbone pattern on the pastry   The fourth one is a shell tube: something like Wilton...
 No butter/shortening ? Fruit cake batter is traditionally based on pound cake - equal amounts of butter, flour, sugar, and egg. This batter does not seem to contain enough flour/sugar to produce a strong enough structure to support the weight of the fruit.  Disregarding the fruit, I would remove an egg. Essentially, it is baked, but it is collapsing - making it "stodgy" ..
What recipe are you using ?
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