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A "Good rule of Thumb" If you recognize the character you know it has a copyright to it: All Disney characters, Precious Moments, Cartoon characters, Logo's. etc. Even Greeting cards are copyrighted. This means we decorators really have to be creative in our designs. Sometimes we get lucky when we read where we can use the design as long as we give credit to the person who designed it and I say, "Thank you" to them.
Our bakery was informed that we cannot sell a copyright cake. Customers can look through the sample book and we can make and decorate the cake, per photo book, but we cannot put the character toys on the cake. We can only sell the toys along with the cake and the customer has to put the figures on themselves. On the other hand... I was informed many years ago, I could make a character cake at home for my family and friends as long as I did not sell it. After reading the...
Frosted cupcakes will keep nicely for three days, out of refrigerator & under a dome. After 3 days they are dry and the quality is gone. Refrigeration is the worst place to store them. Don't frost or fill with anything that has to be refrigerated. Hope this info is useful.
To: toottifruitti~ Make sure you are using PURE CANE CONFECTIONERS' SUGAR like C & H). If not, your icing will be more watery and grainy as it is probably pressed from beets. Also you might need to beat it longer. Beat 3 min. taste; if it still feels grainy, beat a little longer and repeat. I have been decorating cakes for over 25 years and NEVER get air bubbles in my icing. Be sure to do the following: Use paddle attachment on K.Aid Mixers and beat at #4 setting;...
Thanks all for sharing.
Is anyone experiencing a problem with cupcake liners falling away from the cupcakes, once they have cooled down? Several of my students had this problem and the local cake shop is having the same problem. All are using different brands of cake mixes and different brands of liners, yet they are all having the same problem. I call D.H. today and they said they have not changed their formula, so I am thinking the liners are being made with a cheaper material. Anyone else...
Did this many years ago and if I remember correctly it worked just fine. I do remember having to pack the cornstarch by placing a smaller container on top and weighing it down. Let it set overnigh, if possible, and then remove weights and smaller container. Just be sure to make your imprint only once otherwise you will smear the original imprint. You might try molding only one so you don't waist the sugar. Good luck!
When making Choc. Clay, pour it out onto parchment paper or plastic wrap. Roll up into a thin sausage or let it dry flat. Beak off pieces as needed. I find this makes it so much easier to use. Hope this helps.
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