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I p/med edna some time back and she told me where she gets them. I forget. Just p/m her. She is nice to p/m back
I filled out a form on line. A Wilton supervisor called me. I had to send her pics of my cakes. I had to fill out form at Michaels , talk to manager, etc. and was hired. This was 8 yrs. ago. I do know that you still fill out form on line. Things might all be the same. If  a student of mine is interested, then tell wilton manager, the students has to mention my name, etc.  If hired, i then get a bonus. Havent, had that to happen lately. If you know a teacher, start with...
Hi, i teach wilton at michaes, and they don,t give anything away. First course, you have to bring in cookies, buy a can of icing(i show in class how to make icing and ice a cake in the class.) I show all that i need to for first class and then tell them what to bring , etc. for second class. It is in the books that we give out first class. They will give you a syllabus when you sign up. You have to go to store and sign up and pay. Then you will know everything to bring...
Hi, i have found this. hope it helps you.
Yes, it crust well, this is what i use all the time on b/c covered cake dummies.
Ok, macsmom on this site has recipes for that. I can,t think of the site. but google her name on cake central and you will see how to go to the recipes. hth
ok, the cake recipe is from trisha yearwoods foodnet work show . It is very moist. she is using a 9x13, but i do have good luck with making it into round layers. i torte the layers and then i make the pineapple filling using, 1 20 oz can of crushed pineapple, about 3/4 cup granualted sugar, 2 T fresh squeezed lemon juice, 2 T flour or cornstarch. I then bring this to a slight boil on med-high heat and whisk for about 5 min. I will hold pot up off the eye if feels too...
I use wiltons class b/c with just the shortening. No butter. make it just like it says. i don,t use the salt either.On the wilton site of course. Still love your c/c icing, carmijok.I wrap my dummy with press n seal(brand name, not cheap kind) using 2 pieces of press n seal. works great.
I make a key lime cake with pineapple filling and use pure key lime ext. from olive nation and man it is so good. Strawberry too.
Congratulation. Hope you make lots of money.
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