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They are sheets of foam core board (white) that you purchase in the craft department. They come on 1/4" and 1/2" thickness. You have to cut them yourself into circles.
Definitely purchase the 1/2" foam core sheets and cut circles from them (they are $5.99, so use Michaels coupons). I place my cake directly on them and then wrap fondant around the base of the cake to cover the board - see my photos. Not sure the silver thing will hold the weight of the cake when you need to pick it up and carry it to the reception (?). And I would definitely keep all tiers separate if using the silver base.
I would at least leave the top off, better to leave the top 2 tiers off. When I am transporting a multi-tiered cake, I hammer my dowels all the way through the foam core base (for wedding cakes, two 1/2" foam core circles glued together to form a 1" base). Without hammering them down into the base, the weight of the above tiers can cause the dowels to lean if a corner is taken too quickly, then the whole cake may fall.
BUT, has anyone tried it? I'm not looking for an angel food cake texture, just a lighter texture. I may give it a shot next week using 1/4 recipe just to see what happens...
Has anyone tried WASC with angel food cake mix? I was about to, then decided not to waste my time when I realized there were 2 pouches, one flour and one egg white mix. Considered dumping them both together and proceeding with WASC recipe... then thought I'd ask first. has a new Cola flavor. Use diet Cola for all of the liquid, and add the Cola flavoring, but try 1/2 tsp before adding the entire dram. The concentrated flavors can add quite a bang for their buck.
Oh yeah, ALL of it. (2-2/3 c).
I'm so excited!! I've been going nuts trying to figure out a no-fail way to produce the Orange cake with consistency and great flavor... I've found it! Albeit, a tad expensive.I was picking up peach puree at Bev Mo and saw TGIF's Orange Dream ($13 for 1.75 liters). It does have vodka in it, but that is a good thing since it means the drink will last practically indefinitely in the fridge.I had to add extra orange flavoring (used a dram of LoRann's orange, but you could...
I didn't get a notification to your reply! That sounds amazing!!Yes, I would definitely use that in cake. Maybe a caramel cake? But either white or chocolate or even cafe late flavor would be great, too.
I can't stand policies like that! Especially when you can stand there and ring up 2 transactions in a row so that you can use more than the minimum. Or get back in line... either way, those coupons will get used!
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