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My list of recipes are in my signature line.   I start with Rebecca Sutterby's WASC
Customers don't ask. When freinds ask, though, I tell them that cake mix makes up half of the dry ingredients, so it is officially just another ingredient :)   I just could not come up with a scratch cake that stayed moist and was easy to carve at the same time without being too dense. I am in love with WASC variations because it is really a no-fail recipe: I've only used half the amount of sour cream on occasion because I was out of stock and the result was fine. I...
Try adding an extra egg and an extra 2 tbls oil. Too many eggs can be drying, but create the lightness, hence the oil adds moisture. Too much sugar in a recipe can make the cake dense, but sugar also lends to moistness.
For champagne cake, I use cheap champagne for all of the liquid and add 1 tsp of rum flavoring (I prefer LoRann's Rum Emulsion. If using concentrated flavor oils, only use 1/4 to 1/2 tsp).  You can also use diet sprite instead of champagne.
In my signature line there is a link to the recipe list. I try to keep that doc updated with changes and additions. At the bottom of the doc I list the dates of my last changes.
I haven't have any problems with the new sizes, except that they don't fill up the pans as much so I often have to add an additional 1/4 recipe - sometimes I just add an extra cup of cake mix.    I do, however, use less sugar - about 3 tbls to 1/4 cup (I don't measure, I just don't fill up the measuring cup as full with sugar).
DH orange cake mix is fine, won't sink.
It's respectful to give credit where due. "A copy of an original design by XXX" or at least that it was "inspired by XXX."I often get cakes that I've seen done so many times it's impossible to decipher the original artist, so I just go by whomever's name is on the photo given to me - or find one similar if the photo does not include a name.I always tell the person requesting the cake,though, that I prefer to make a custom design, and ask them which aspects of the cake in...
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