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You are right, omit the extract. A tiny bit goes a long way, and adding too much does it make too Red Hot'ish.
I don't use them. This recipe is plenty moist without them! 
Yes :)
Do you have a Sam's Club? Ask the bakery department. Otherwise, you can make this as a replacement:
Agreed!!  I have seen companies say they ship cakes, but I can't imagine how, unles they have their own driver.
Have you heard of Bettercreme? It's the same, but better. A non-dairy whipped icing that comes frozen in a liquid state. Once whipped, it shelf stable for a few days. I buy mine at Smart&Final.
I would never ship a cake!  Unless it was a pound or mud cake with no filling, and one layer. Ground ship, but I don't know if UPS or FedEx is best.
I  don't know how their syrups are, but I did not like their flavorings. If they are similar toTorani, then you'll have to reduce the sugar and add an extra egg white.
In the google doc in my signature, there is a scratch version listed (I think it's the 3rd recipe)
The cake mix is just "white" - White Almond Sour Cream is the name of the recipe by Rebecca Sutterby. You can use any flavor, though: Yellow, vanilla, etc.   I prefer BC because it is more sifted, for lack of better description. Other mixes tend to have tiny clumps if I don't sift it, which leaves white spots in cakes that I add food coloring to. BC also has less of a tendency to sink than others I've tried.
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