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Rootbeer extract works just fine!
Substitute the liquids.
That's my favorite cake!  I use PIneapple supreme cake mix (DH), 3 ripe bananas, 1-1/3 c coconut creamer, and 1-1/3 c pineapple juice.  It's best if you can add a few drops of Lorann Pina Colada concentrated oil, but it is great without it.   One full recipe of the WASC (2 boxes cake mix) can fill four 7" pans, two 10" pans,... scroll down this recipe link to see other pan sizes:
Wow!   I LOVE it!    Do you write for Hallmark?
Those are great thannks! Keep'em coming...
"Twenty toes and two 'soles'..." Dumb?
I'd love to include a banner or plaque with a cute saying about boy/girl twins that relates to shoes or feet. I'm making two pairs of baby Converse for the top.   Can anyone help me think of anything? Laces, "soles", shoes to fill, toes,... I'm not sure it's even possible to tie it in! (Pun intended).
2 boxes is fine. Either method works.
I LOVE the banana version of WASC. Just add 3 ripe bananas to the recipe and use banana pudding mix. Using 2 tsp banana extract helps bring out the flavor, and using banana cake mix brings it all the way up to WOW!
Most importantly, don't use a whipping cream frosting at a bake sale. You don't want to take any risk with food poisining. You can use Bettercreme or Frostin Pride as a substitute for heavy whipping cream, though, if you  have it available in your area (Smart&Final, Sam's Club).   Make a Rootbeer for the othe flavor!  You can stick a straw (cut in thirds) into them for fun. I also like to place a rootbeer barrel candy on top, but that will increase your cost.   At our...
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