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I hate using a sifter, I have a large fine strainer that I use to sift. I always sift when making fondant, just makes it go faster with no lumps in my sugar. But I don't always when making buttercream, this is making me rethink that. And it does make you wonder what caused it.
Roll your fondant up on you rolling pin to put it over your cake, should help keep the fingerprints from picking it up out. Or us a mat and flip it over on the cake.
That cake serves 74 if you include the top tier. So that is just over $7 a serving. What are other bakers in your area charging? If your in line with most custom cakers in your area and you can get it great.
Oh no, the Wilton pans suck, I have the square set and they are NOT straight. Neither are my round set but they are not as bad as the square. The older wilton pans are, got some at a garage sale, but the ones I bought in the last few years, not straight. I have a set of square and round that I bought used that I'd rather use than Wilton. I recently had a wedding cake that needed a 16" tier. I only have that in wilton. Believe me, I remembered why I hate them. And yeah you...
I make spirals out of fondant. Cut strip and wrap them around a straw or skewers if you want them skinnier and just let them dry.
Where do you all buy your pearl dust? I bought unfinished pearls cause I couldn't find them in the color I needed and now I'm having trouble finding pearl dust. I need it in ivory. I found it on ebay but they want $16 to ship 9 grams. For each container I add the add an equal amount in shipping which I find ridiculous for something that weighs 3 grams. It will cost as much in shipping as it does for the product! Only other place I'm finding it is in the UK and I don't...
To carve it, you can turn it upside down and use a smaller cake board (if its an 8" use a 6" board) as a guide while you are carving.
Ok ladies, so one more question on this cake. The cake was originally for 150. And the customer was fine with the price, now it's for 300 (well 296 to be exact, close as I can get) and of course the price is now double and the price is above her budget. I know I'm under charging per serving, I mean it's a 6 tiered carved cake besides putting on all those pearls! Just out of curiosity what would you charge per serving? I know we're from different areas so not an accurate...
I don't have guess but what an adorable cake!
Since it's a scratch cake and they obviously liked your cake at their tasting ( they ordered from you), I wonder if her sister refrigerated the cake and served it still cold. That could explain it seeming dry, cake, especially from scratch, really should be served at room temperature.
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