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Madicakes, would you mind sharing what size sundae cups you use and lids. Thanks.Joanne
Thanks, started with pink, it got fairly red, red enough.Joanne
I need to color buttercream dark red....any ideas on how not to get pink? Thanks in advance.Joanne
I am selling it is why I am just trying to find some kind of background idea to make it fit it with... Just coming up blank other than exactly what you said. It is for a girl so I guess I could put some flowers on it.Joanne
Any ideas, I am drawing a blank. Elmo is copyrighted so I need to do some kind of "background" or something that would go with an Elmo party. Open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance.Joanne
I have a fondant three tier cake that is going to be piped with royal icing. It will be driven several hours and served the following day. My question is.. if I box it , then cover it with plastic wrap can I store it in the refridgerator or will it still melt the royal icing piping?Thanks, Joanne
My 1/4 sheet is 9x13 the boards I can find to buy are 10x14. Not big enough for a border. Same with 1/2 sheets 12 x 18 boards are 13 3/3 x 18 3/4. I buy from BRP. Boxes are the same issue. My 1/3 sheet fits the half sheet boards and boxes great with room for a border. Anyone else know of somewhere to buy just a little larger box and board? Joanne
Chamber of Commerce dues and Health Dept License both yearly for me.Joanne
Small town here also. I have a small cake shop. I sell cupcakes, cookies, cake by the slice, muffins, and of course special order cakes. I am open 8-5 M-F and 9-12 Sat closed on Sun. I also sell coffee and soda. I started out 10-6, the extra hour in the evening didn't produce much for me. I decided to open earlier in the morning to try to get people in to buy muffins and coffee but still not a lot of that. I am here from 6am-5pm most days. Good luck on your...
I have a Blodgett. It works fine for me.Joanne
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