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It's now Friday night & I want to save some time by putting on the gum paste flowers on the fondant cakes and refrigerate till Sunday night.Would that be ok or will they go soft? I will be attaching them with royal icing.
thanks for the great advice for my sweaty sticky fondant. I dabbed it with a paper towel and it was still sticky. then I sprinkled some icing sugar on it and it seemed to work. I'll let you know how it looks tomorrow.Thanks again
Hi all,I have a 3 tier fondant covered cake and I was wondering if I could put gum paste flowers on the cake & then put it back in the fridge over night??
OMG!! I could just cry I made a cake covered in fondant and froze it last week which I've done many times. This morning I took it from the freezer and put it into the fridge. I just went to check on it and it's sticky and sweaty!!! I used the MMF that I always use.Please help, this cake is for a special occasion and I can't redo the fondant. Is there anything I can do to correct this Thanks
Hi All,My father in law is turning 80 and we're having a huge party for him, about 60-80 people.I'm looking for some ideas for a cake for him. Here's a little background on him.He was a welder for a car manufactureHe was a boxer when he was youngerHe still lifts weights and exercisesHe's very religiousThanks
I made a batch of the Wilton Royal Icing last week and I put it in an air tight container then I put plastic wrap on top of the royal icing and then the lid. It's been sitting on my kitchen counter since. Is that the proper way to store it or does it need to be refrigerated? Is it still good to use? I'll be using it on Thursday if it's still good.Need some advice.Thanks,Mar
Thanks for the advice I appreciate it.
I'm decorating a cake to take with me on a road trip and it's covered in fondant plus I have gumpaste flowers that I'd like to put on the cake and then refrigerate that way when I get to my families house for Thanksgiving I won't have to do anything but eat hahaha.Will anything happen to the gumpaste flowers? I worried that they might get soft or something.Any suggestions?Thanks
Hi all,Our Canadian Thanksgiving is on the 13th can someone tell me if there's a tutorial on how to make a cake in the shape of a thanksgiving turkey? Thanks,Me
Thanks for your reply, glad to hear I can freeze them. I'd like to try and make a cookie bouquet for my kids teachers.
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