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Thank you everyone! I think what I'm going to do is dip the ends of the twigs in chocolate, let that dry,mand then insert them into straws that are in the cake. I'm hoping that works!
Yes, she doesn't want the birds though. She also suggested replacing half of the twigs with wheat grass. Should I also insert the twigs into a straw in the cake too?
I have a client asking for a tiered cake with twigs sticking out of it. I'm not too crazy on the whole idea of spending a few hours working on the cake to only shove some dirty twigs in it, which probably aren't considered foodsafe in the first place. How do I go about this- is there a way to put real twigs in the cake safely, or should I make them from a mold and gum paste? Thank you in advance!
Yes, I did fill the core with batter, then put the core in the cake so it wasn't hollow. I let the cake cool completely, then froze it, then let it thaw completely before decorating. Maybe I will try not adding the pudding for next time. Thanks!
I don't have a picture- it was when I went to take the picture that I discovered he had been be- headed! Lol. I didn't think I would need a dowel in it, given it was just one cake, I did notice it sort of leaning, but I just figured that was how it was supposed to be! Perhaps a dowel is needed though to support the head. Thank you!
I made a monkey smash cake last week using the 3D bigger size Wilton stand up bear pan. About an hour before my client was due to pick it up, the head had fallen off! I was absolutely devastated. I used the WASC recipe and added a package of Jello pudding to it as well to firm up the batter, and i used the heating core too. Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know how to correct this problem?
I've had to deal with the same issue in terms of making ugly cakes in the past, and finally I told myself no more! Now, I never let my clients dictate the overall design. After all, they are paying for your expertise, skill, and creativity, and I've learned that the baker usually knows best. Often I will try to incorporate some of the clients ideas into the designs, or if they show me a picture of something they like, I will put my own spin it. Honesty really is the best...
I put both cakes in a box, then set them in my dining room with the air conditioner on full blast. They didn't even sweat, but it wasn't super hot out today either, luckily. However, there must have been an air bubble somewhere, because when it was time to serve them, the fondant had cracked, but it was on the side so thankfully you couldn't see it. Not sure if I'm going to keep with the refrigeration method though- I don't have the room in my fridge! Lol
Thank you! I've turned on my a/c and am going to let my dining room cool off for a bit first. Then I think I'm going to try and take one cake out of the fridge, put it in a box (no lid) and then put it in the dining room. Then wait and see what happens I guess!
I have two fondant covered cakes in my fridge for my nephews birthdays. I don't normallly refridgerate my cakes, but one has a perishable filling, all i have for air conditioning is a window unit, and I live in Canada where our summers are hot and very humid, so I thought I would experiment. I'm due to deliver the cakes in 4.5 hours- do I leave them in the fridge until I leave, or do I take them out? If I take them out, do I leave them sitting on the counter, or put them...
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