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There was no mention of an unpaid 'trial' day when I went in for the job. I was just told come back midweek so that they could see how I would do and work with their staff. I worked a full 8hr shift with only a 10min break all day. Nothing of that day was reflected on my pay stub. I can see how they may not pay me if i didn't work out, but i got the job.  I would think it would be in good faith they would  pay me seeing that i clearly did my job, so much so that i was...
Just curious. I had a trial day at a new shop in town and I believed I did a really good job at what they were asking of me. I got the job but when i looked on pay stub, no pay for that day. What's up with that? Do I ask about it next time I go in or let it go? 
Anyone??? I wish i had a few extra peices to try it out ahead of time but i don't.
I'm making a cake with several gumpaste pieces (paintbrushes, cups etc..) I painted the color on them with food color paste mixed with vodka. If i place these on a white buttercream iced cake the night before delivery will the colors bleed on the buttercream? Some of the colors are very dark (black, purple, blue). Thoughts anyone?
I know right! I thought it was brillant! Looks like it would take all the headache out of cutting those foamcore boards. You could cut out a bunch of shapes and sizes in no time. If you purchase it please let us know what you think.
I was watching the show Cool Tools on DIY and saw the guy showing off this cool tool for cutting drywall. Immediately i thought that would probably work great for cutting foam core too. It is pricey at about $80.00 but if you do alot of your own boards this seems like it would save major time. I have tried using exacto terrible..rough edges.I've tried using a heated cutting knife..not fond of that either.I don't do enough cakes at this point to justify the...
Couldn't agree more I've been following the cookie a day thing all the sports ball..very cool
Thanks so much for the info. I had PM'd her here severel months ago and she kindly responded that she was wicked busy and would get back to me another time. Unfortunately i never heard back from her, which i totally understand. Her work is fabulous. If that is indeed what she charges she needs to bump those prices up..her work is too good for that money. I've been looking at her work for awhile now and just can't get over how awesome her trays are. I hope to be that...
I am such a fan of her work and absolutely love how she presents her cookie trays. Anyone know how many per tray and how much she charges? Love, love love her work.
Thanks..yes i saw these but I still don't think these are the ones i saw..getting closer
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