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thanks for the feedback!!!
Is anyting easy!! I am trying to become legal. And I finally found a commercial kitchen that I can rent. The owners of the kitchen are requiring that I have a minimum of $1,000,000.00 product and general liability insurance. Well, the insurance people want to know what my annual sales will be? I don't know!! I only intend to do this part time for now but I need to insurance in order to rent the kitchen space. How do you estimate what you will be making? I can't use my...
Thanks for the link. I kinda thought this had been addressed in a previous post. What was the outcome of the survey? Does anyone know? How many people contacted their Representatives? Did any of them respond?
I just read the post pertaining the new legislation being considered in GA that would allow for 'home bakers' to do business legally. I didn;t read the entire bill but I was wondering if any Texas bakers would be interested in pursuing something like this........maybe too late for the current legistlative session......but maybe have something ready in 2 years when Texas is in session again??We could see how things turned out in GA, perhaps use that bill as a model?
I have to agree, the snowmen are my favorite, too! You did a great job!
My tree has a color (any shade of dark red and/or burgandy) and gold accents.
I don't live in west Texas anymore but I was born and raised in Monahans......GO LOBOES!!!
The injection method seems less time consuming than filling and stacking layers of cake.....kinda like when filling a cupcake.Thanks for all the tips!!!!I have not heard back from my potential customer so I may not get the opportunity to make these just yet. And if I do, based on the instructions, I definitely undercharged!!! $2.50 per petit four, decorated with a little bow (like a wrapped gift).
Any feedback/advice/instruction will be greatly appreciated!!!How do you ice your petit fours? With poured fondant? Do you use RBC? Are petit fours supposed to have a filling?
I recently attended a class that was sponsored by a local non-profit about starting a food business where I live (Austin, Texas). It was very informative. We heard from people that have been thru the process of becoming legal and what obstacles they faced, the biggest one being working with city/county employees who don't know their own rules!! HAHAAAnyway, for me to be legal it would cost around $600. This is the cost of permits, inspections and food manager's classes. I...
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