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Is there some unwritten rule about how "big" the grooms cake can be? A friend called, asking about a grooms cake and thought it was meant to serve 1/2 the number of guests (in additional to the wedding cake). So if someone is expecting 150 people so they have a wedding cake with 150 servings? Or a wedding with 75 servings and a grooms cake with 75 servings........or does it even matter!
thanks for the tips! I learned to bake the 'cup' cakes longer than I did and not to fill the cups up so much!!I had thought about uisng differnt size circles but I could only find a large size and a small size circle in my collection.
I am not a very skilled cake carver but needed to make a cake in the form of a coffee cup. So I was thinking of just baking the cake in a ceramic mug. The mug is about the size of a standard paper coffee cup, like you get at Starbucks. Will the cake bake evenly? Do I need to adjust te temp? THANKS!
Is all flour created equal? I was just wondering if there really is a difference between all the brands of flour.......not types of flour like self-rising, all purpose, etc..... but brand of flour.
Each State, county, city has different rules. Your best bet is to contact the health depart and find out what they require.
Has anyone come across a cake pan shaped like a chili pepper? Hubby's co-worker asked about it.
what's the recipe for the marshmallow RBC? Sounds really good.
I roll it in between two pieces of wax paper. It is too soft to lift so I flip it onto the cookie and peel back the wax paper.
I use the same recipe posted above: 1 cup shortening, 1 cup corn syrup and PS. I use cheesecake flavoring.
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