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Is it ok to use a panel board from home depot and cover it with shelf liner to roll my fondant on. I need a larger to cover my counter space. It sound like a good idea but I don't know if it's safe to use. Thank You for answering my question.
I have a wedding June 17 and need to know what colors make corn flower blue. I would like to air brush the calli lilies blue or pipe the icing on the cake with corn flower blue butter cream. If anyone have any ideas PLEASE let me know.Thanks a million
THANK YOU!!! I got it. Just reading to much into it.
what's his website
Has anyone use the sps (plates and pillars) making a tospy turvy cake.
Hi everyoneMy husband I are thinking about moving to Georgia(where I don't know yet) does anyone out there have a home base business there. i would hate to move and not be able to continue what i love to do. Please let me know asap.Thanks a millionDeb
Sorry I didn't make myself clear. What I'm trying to do is build the volume (make more cake batter) it's a small box and I want more batter than to buy 3 boxes to fit the size of an 8 in. cake pan.
Betty Crocker has a mix that's gluten free how can I use this mix and keep it gluten free. I have use the recipes for that has cake mix, flour and sour cream. I have a bride that would like a gluten free cake for her wedding so any help or advice I will be grateful. I need this info asap and thank you in advance for your help.Deb
I have a quick question. I have people asking me about base price cakes. could I tell a customer the base price of the cake is 1.50 serving and then add on the price of fondant pearl and other items would that be a good thing to do or not. so many people are calling asking about that and i just wanted some understanding on it. any suggestion are welcome
i have a order to with the color tiffany blue i s what the client wanted. what colors do i mix to achieve it.thank you
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