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As already posted, it's a simple cutter and veiner and the flowers are gum paste.   The cutter used in the Global Sugar Art link will give a more rounded flower...  the cutter in the OP's pic are petunias (as cupcakemaker has said).   Here's a link to some that I did a while ago...   Suzanne x
Thank you. x
OK - as I'm typing this, I realise how RIDICULOUS this sounds, but I need to check to satisfy my lack of confidence...   ...  is white sanding sugar JUST sugar?   See, told you it was silly.   This gorgeous cake here on CC is the look I'm after...
So, this type:   is actually just faceted plastic.  I have used it...  I used a sanitiser to give it a quick wipe over with (the type you use on kitchen work surfaces - once dry, they are safe to put food on) and then use it directly on the cake.
They're also known as Tulip Cupcake/Muffin Wrappers
I put paste inside the posy pick before I put the wires in ... stops the wires moving around.  You might just be able to see on this most recent cake I did:   But if it's only 1 or 2 wires, you can use a straw...  when you pull the straw out, the cake inside comes with it.  No-one will eat it!!   Sorry, not sure what you mean by rhinestone ribbon?    Suzanne x
In the UK, this is a typical recipe...  we don't "do" cups at all! LOL!!   I'd use ml for the tea and milk....    Only thing I would query is 1ml of cardamon and cinnamon...  that's such a tiny amount!!!!  I'd probably do about half a teaspoon (2.5ml)   BTW, baking powder isn't the same as baking soda (not teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but just in case it's a UK recipe, some things can get 'lost in translation'! LOL)
And a dessert spoon is 10ml (ie 2 x teaspoons)
I'm sure that cake is by The Caketress.   It isn't edible glitter...  they are individual 'sequins' made of gumpaste and sprayed or painted with edible gold lustre dissolved in confectioner's glaze.
No the piping gel didn't affect it at all.   I buy my sugarpaste (fondant) and I also buy the piping gel.    Suzanne x
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