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Hmmmm....  I would RUN.   Even when I make a cake that I've made before, it's never EXACTLY the same.  And as for colours, you can get as close a match as possible, but you can never guarantee an absolute EXACT colour match.  I always tell my customers this when I'm trying to match something like dresses, invites or other colour swatches.   I would worry that as she's haggled SO HARD for a price reduction and she's being SO precise, then she will use this to try and...
I would say that from your previous conversations, you can tell she has very exacting expectations of this cake and whilst you have never had reason to doubt your abilities in the past, and nor have you ever had any complaints you feel that she may be better choosing another cake maker.   Hopefully, she'll be able to read between the lines and realise what a PITA she's been and that you don't want to deal with her!
I don't have a Dinky Doodle airbrush (not sure of the make of mine!), but I did buy some Dinky Doodles airbrush colours...  just black and white (for the chess board cake).  And in the end I only used the black.   BUT   It is brilliant.  I don't know of any other airbrush colours that can be used on chocolate.  This was amazing.  Dried quickly and didn't come off on my fingers when I lifted the pieces after airbrushing.   Highly recommended!   Suzanne x
^^^  What he said!!     Suzanne x
I used to use wooden, but my local supplier changed make and they were warped!  So now I use plastic.  I don't use the wide, hollow Wilton ones.  Just ordinary thin plastic ones.  As long as they go in vertically, they're fine!
I frequently stack fruit on top of sponge.   As long as you dowel properly, there's no problem whatsoever.  The dowels take the weight of the cake, not the cake itself.   Suzanne x
Wow...  that's STUNNING!  I have an order for a 6 tier cake with this style of ruffle on 3 of the tiers.  Oh, and each of the tiers with the ruffles is 6" deep!  Fortunately, the ruffle tiers will be dummies, so I can do them ahead of time.  The wedding's in June...  maybe I should start now? LOL!
My friend makes a lot of chocolate biscuit cake...  she covers in ganache, which she leaves to set and then covers in sugarpaste (fondant).  She lightly brushes the ganache with a simple syrup before covering with the sugarpaste so that it sticks.
They wouldn't even get a simple single tier cake out of me for thirty quid!!!!
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