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Well, the story's gone!   The rest will take a bit longer to sort.  My husband is the one who does the website stuff for me and he's up to his eyes with work at the moment.  Deleting the page was about as much as I could do!!   Thank you for all your comments - very much appreciated.   Suzanne x
Yours is a lovely sight, Stitches! Thanks for your suggestions. x
 Thank you, Stitches. I don't know if the boxes can be made bigger...  but by clicking on the pic you get a much larger view. Rosalind Miller has a beautiful site!  She supplies to Harrods, so I would presume she's had her site professionally designed.
I wonder if I could ask for some constructive comments about my website, please?   It's a home-made site using Rapid Weaver.    I think that as home-made sites go, it's quite a good one, but obviously I may not see things other might.   I can't believe how very quiet it is (for quiet, read completely dead!)   I am thinking of changing the photo on the home-page, as a peacock wedding cake is possibly an acquired taste and I want my site to invite people to click...
Oooh, what about Eric Lanlard's shop?  That's supposed to be lovely (not been myself)     Konditor and Cook are worth a look, too....     And, again, I've not been, but the cake looks lovely!!
I suspect it's not uncommon for 'names' to charge for consults - in the same way that Cake Boss does.  It stops time wasters, I guess. I've heard of a few cake makers who charge about £20 for a consult (that comes off the price of the cake if they go ahead), again, to stop time wasters.
I do appreciate the work that goes into *some* of their stuff.  But in the shop, EVERYTHING is overpriced (ie bars of choc, choc lollies, etc). My sister's nephew had a cake from CWDD for his Bar Mitzvah - cake was dry.  And it isn't the first time I've heard that...  have heard several people say the same. Another friend of mine has picked up two cake orders from people who were disgusted with the lack of service offered by them.  You have to pay a non-refundable £400...
I've yet to hear anything good about Choccywoccydoodah! 
I use Sugarflair Red Extra for royal icing, but if you're doing a run-out, too much colour can prevent it drying properly and so I use red dust if I don't want the royal icing too soft (too much paste colour can have that effect).
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