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I used piping gel on this.   Using a hot toffee, you will melt the sugarpaste.  Isomalt will do the same thing.   I heated piping gel in the microwave to make it really runny then added just a drop of colour.  I then continued to stir it until it cooled enough not to melt the sugarpaste, but was still warm enough to pour and drizzle!  It felt just, just, just warm to the finger.     Suzanne x
Thank you.   This was made a few years ago now.
Cake number 1 is my cake!!!!!!!   Hate to break it to you, but each and every one of those are edible dragees!!!!!  The sizes vary from 2mm up to 6mm and I *think* possibly the few very large ones were 8mm - but not sure on that.  It was a long time ago and I don't remember.
If you're showing your brides the not so good photos, don't!!  They won't remember you telling them that they're old ones.    Spend some time doing half a dozen or so dummy cakes in different styles, to add to your portfolio.
Thanks so much - really appreciate it! Oh, and the remainder of the first red velvet I baked is in the freezer...  I cut about a quarter away to get the photo and then split that between hubby and my younger son and me.  And it was only a 6" cake...  I, too, am on a diet! LOL!!!!
Yes, please, Sugarflorist... if you don't mind sharing, I'd love another recipe to try!   If at all possible, would you have quantities for an 8" round, please?  That's my "starting point" for all recipes and then I have a chart that scales up or down accordingly for me. Thank you Suzanne x
The traditional way to cover a rich fruit cake is to give a thin 'mask' of boiled, sieved apricot jam.   Just a thin coating to make the cake 'tacky'.   For really sharp edges and corners, you could marzipan in panels, instead of all in one go.  That's what I do for square cakes.   eg      
Looks like it could be Cake Lace brand?
No, I didn't have to trim or carve at all...  I just covered it (I always use marzipan before covering with sugarpaste).
LOL!! Oh, and I'm with you - I really don't think that as an occasional thing, the colouring will harm. It's like when I get asked for 1st birthday cake without sugar or colouring...  It's a 1st birthday cake.  It's a special occasion.  The kid isn't going to eat the whole cake by themselves!!!  A SMALL piece isn't going to hurt!!  Grrrrrr!!!
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