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I've heard from several people that their cakes are dry. In fact, my sister's sister-in-law (ie her hubby's sister) ordered a CWDD cake for her son's Bar Mitzvah.  I think it was just a column cake with the strokes up chocolate up it?  Not sure if it was a 6" or 8" round and it was £400.  My mum and sister said the cake was dry - and believe me, they are NOT the sort of people to say that just to boost my ego! LOL!!
Not at all...  I've had phone conversations with customers who've told me they want a 4 tier cake with cascade of roses for 150 people and their budget is £250. So I've been able to tell them my 4 tier cakes start at £x, depending on the level of decoration and what they've described is likely to cost in the region of £y They then either say 'thank you but we can't afford it' or they decide to up their budget (often, they've plucked a figure out of thin air, without really...
What's it made from? Is it too late to insert a dowel into the bottom of it, leaving a couple of inches sticking out the bottom?  Perhaps you could do that, and store and transport it on a piece of polystyrene?  Then, when at the venue, put into place with a blob of royal icing on the bottom of the hat to keep in place (royal icing is my 'edible super glue' of choice! )
Marvel - it's looking fabulous!  I can't wait to see it all together on the cake!!       I'm sorry I can't keep up with ALL the comments...  there are SO many! LOL!!!!   Well, this week coming I just have a birthday cake on Saturday.  So at least that gives me time to catch up on housework, etc.    Righteo...  it's midnight...  I'm about to turn into a pumpkin!   Nighty-night!   Suzanne x
I'd say 3" is an average height.  Supermarkets are shallower, for sure.  Most of mine are around 3.5", with wedding cakes being nearer 4".
Here it is.  I'm really rubbish at photography.  And you don't get a sense of size of it like this - I'm hoping to get a good pic at the venue!   It's not my original design...  customer brought me a photo she found online.   The white ruffled tiers are dummies!  Hubby took some time off work and helped me with those!  He rolled the paste in the pasta roller, cut the circles and balled the edges, then I ruffled them and attached to the cake.   Right...  now to...
No, no pics yet.  Assembling tomorrow morning to photograph and then will disassemble to transport, before reassembling at the venue.  Taking a full emergency repair kit with me! LOL!!! 
Wow!  Impressive cake.  And those tiers look extra tall to me, too If she's after height, find out if she's got her heart set on this specific cake.  Perhaps she could have a 3 tier cake, but use the Wilton hollow dowels between each tier and block with fresh flowers.  That would give the height she's after without all the cake. 
Bashini!!!!  Hello!  How are you?  Not caught up with you on any forums for a while!! x
FABULOUS cake.  Love it!!!! Thanks for saying I'm cute.  But that pic isn't me.  LOL!  The pic is of Kuuushi.  I wish I was as young and pretty as she is!!!!  I'm the old bat in my profile pic!
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