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They wouldn't even get a simple single tier cake out of me for thirty quid!!!!
It's far, far, far cheaper to make.   It's just melted chocolate and liquid glucose.  The quantities depend on whether it's dark, milk or light.   I've made it a few times, with varying results!!!! 
I think I slightly under-charged for the last lot of bespoke cupcakes I did....    3 dozen cupcakes with Superhero cupcake toppers - all handcut!  No edible images.    I charged £3 each  (that's around US $5)  
* I personally don't get on with the spray glaze.  No matter what I do, I get a 'pitted' finish.  So I buy the liquid and brush it on.    * I have only tried a gluten-free cake once.  It wasn't a success.  I haven't bothered again! LOL!   * I bake fresh 99.999% of the time.  On the rare occasion I've made an 'administrative error'  then I will bake a week ahead of time and freeze.  It has never affected the quality of the cake.  You just need to make sure it is really...
I used several coats of confectioner's varnish on these...  let each coat fully dry before applying the next.  I must admit, I was at both parties, so could make sure the sugarpaste was removed before serving.  There's no reason why you 'can't'...  just not sure you'd want to eat about 4 coats of it, LOL!!      
Different strokes for different folks....   ...  I prefer the ruffles this way.  To me, to have them the other way looks a bit too 'frou-frou'..  too busy like a tutu skirt.   Yours is a gorgeous version of this cake - the ruffles are beautifully thin and delicate!   The whole edible / non-edible but non toxic debate has been going on for SO long, it looks like we finally have an answer (here in the UK, at least!)
Don't you HATE it when you make a couple of dozen cupcakes - same recipe as always; same measuring scoop as always - and you're ONE short so you have to whip up another dozen just for ONE to make up the order! Grrrrr!   Oh well, my boys will be happy!   Suzanne x
I'm not sure if I've understood your question correctly?   Do you WANT to include the brand names of the ingredients?   I make a cake that is flavoured with the alcoholic liqueur Baileys.  So I call it a Baileys sponge cake.  Because that's what it is.  If I were to use a store's own-brand liqueur then I couldn't call it Baileys cake - I would call it Irish Cream Liqueur cake (because that's what it would be).   So if you're using Skippy and Hershey's in the cake, I...
Sugarpaste Direct for me!! 
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