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When my 5 qt.KA expired while mixing up batter for a wedding cake, I was going to get the 6 qt. But then I saw the Cuisinart 7 qt. and fell in love! I've had it for a few months and love it - no more draping the mixer with a wet towel to catch flying sugar, etc. I'm really glad I have it - it can mix up 3 batches of the extended cake recipe at once.
I doctor by adding a pkg of pudding mix, an extra egg (4 total), 1 TBSP meringue powder, 2 tsp vanilla, and only using 3/4 C water and 3/4 C oil. After blending the ingredients, I mix on medium for 6 minutes. I got this recipe years ago and have found it takes a little longer to bake, but it does fill a character pan quite nicely.
I just got the 7 qt. Cuisinart two weeks ago, and I love it! It has everything I wanted - a tilt head, great splatter shield (no more flying powdered sugar!), and the capacity to hold three batches of the cake mix extender recipe. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond and used one of those 20% off coupons, so it ended up being about 320.00.
I made the very same cake 2 weeks ago. I used the box extender recipe which calls for a cake mix, box of instant pudding, 4 eggs, 3/4c oil and water each, 2 tsp vanilla (or other flavor) extract. It filled the pan well and came out perfectly.
Has anyone used one of the new type blades made by other companies for use with the Kitchenaid mixer? I'm contemplating getting one, but not sure if it's worth the $30 price. Thnx in advance for any info you have.
I've seen a 3-D candy mold of a stiletto heel shoe. You could make one and put that on a sheet cake to give more dimension to the cake.
If you're doing a flat George from fondant, use a black food coloring marker to draw on the black outlines. I've got a picture of one I did in my photo gallery.
Thanks for the heads up! that book is now on my wishlist.
I charge .50 per mile, counting the mileage to the venue, and the mileage back home.
My standard cakes (boxed mix plus pudding, some kind of extract, extra egg) are all the same price. If I do a cake that calls for ingredients beyond those listed above, then I charge more. For instance, a hummingbird cake would require the addition of chopped nuts, pineapple, coconut, etc. so it would cost more. I use the old formula of ingredients times three to get my price, so all those extras would make the cake have a higher price.
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