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Try out Italian Meringue Buttercream. It's a tad yellow because of the butter in it but you can get it pretty white with Wilton whitener a toothpick tip of violet color and by substituting high ratio shortening for one of the three sticks of butter. Just delivered a cake with that icing on it.
What's cookin' good lookin'. - nothin says lovin like somethin from the oven. - A recipe for success.
I don't know about SMBC but for what it's worth, I've tried adding powdered sugar to IMBC and the results weren't good. I've also tried adding a tablespoon full of flour to IMBC to help it set up stiffer and that didn't work well either.
Mine did that too when it was new. I just kept scrubbing the rollers down with one of those non-scratch scouring pads made for non-stick cookware then running paper towels through the rollers on the thinnest setting until all the black disappeared. The paper towels removed any excess black oil built up way in the corners, and now I don't have to do that any more
I dry all my gumpaste flowers in my oven with just the interior light on. Sometimes (depending on the type of gumpaste you use), it does take one night and one full day. but usually if the flower or leaves aren't terribly thick, one night will do it. You must be in an extra humid climate.
No worry. The fondant will hold the color in and stabilize it.
Just did some. I placed mine on a sheet of waxed paper and they're sitting on my dining room table - tonight before I go to bed I'll place another sheet of waxed paper loosely over the top as a dust guard. You actually want them to set up a little - makes them easier to handle when putting them into place. Fondant items take weeks to dry hard and in the Spring there's a lot of moisture in the air which keeps the fondant soft (soaks up moisture like a sponge).
What about doing the outside of the cake in a camo design then on top put the Harley insignia with flames coming out of it. You can go to your local craft store and purchase Duff's or Wilton pre-printed edible sheets, which would make it extra easy.
I think they have all the instructions on the Wilton web site?
Like I always say, follow your inner voice. Just tell her that if she likes COSTCO's buttercream, and your pound cake is too dry, then she has your blessings to order the whole cake from them. But she won't because she wants it for next to nothing .........BUT she's OK putting you through a battery of tests, all on your dime, so that you can give her the cake of her dreams. See where I'm going with this. And if you don't understand that you're being taken, tell her...
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